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Things I learned from my first Powerlifting Meet

August 22, 2011

Hey there Primalbodybuilders! Here’s a long overdue bunch of videos showing my meet results from SummerBash 8, .

First up, the Squat.  407lbs – this was my second attempt, I took too big a jump and failed my third attempt (435).  Liked the bar speed and stayed in good form throughout.  The depth was solid too, definitely at/below parallel – not a bro-squat!  On my failed attempt at 435, the biggest thing I have to tweak is my strength out of the hole (bottom of the squat).  I have since added in more heavy box squatting – taking out the stretch reflex at the bottom allows one to address that specific weak point.

Then the Bench Press.  308lbs.  Second attempt again, tried for 335 after and failed at the bottom.  See how stable I’m *not*?  That’s a serious problem, so using this video, I was able to adjust and adapt my bench technique.  I now have a much wider stance for my feet, which has really improved my technique.  Also, I need to develop my tricep strength.  Since the meet, some additions to my bench days have included: JM Press, Heavy Lockouts, and a real focus on letting the bar come to a stop on my chest each rep.  This last change alone has really added strength and bar speed after only a few workouts.

And finally, the Deadlift.  474lbs.  This was the funnest part of the meet for me.  In my training, I had completely burned out my deadlift and could barely get 405 two weeks prior to the meet.  I took the last week or so off from pulling and when I got to the meet, I used 405 as my opener.  Went up easy.  Next was 450.  Super easy.  474?  Well, you be the judge:

Obviously, my lower back rounds a bit which is not good, and it’s because I’m not pulling with enough Hammy.  Watching this video and feedback from the other lifters at the meet has convinced me to work more directly on my hamstring strength by doing Hip Thrusts, DB Single Leg Straight Leg Deadlift (rear leg on a bench) and Dimel Deadlift as some of my accessory work choices.

Nothing left to do but get in there and train for the next one!

Kirk out.

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