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Let’s build a school this weekend

January 28, 2011

Believe it or not, there are things in life that are bigger than the relentless pursuit of looking good naked.  Not many, but they’re out there.

This>Shirt is a cause that is bigger.  I’m just going to completely repost what they’ve written, but they are pushing to build a school this weekend and need to sell only 500 shirts to do it.  If you have a little space in your heart, let these guys in.  It’s $29 with shipping for a SWEET t-shirt and you are helping those less fortunate souls who more than likely will not get the chance to happen upon this website.

Here it is, and you can find the website here.  Go get one (or three!) of these shirts.

So, what did your shirt do this weekend? This shirt helped build a school…

Written by dhani on January 26, 2011 · 0 Comments

What a great weekend! We hit FaceBook and Twitter hard on Friday and didn’t stop till Sunday night.

We had an advertising budget of exactly zero dollars and zero cents.  We keep costs low in order to donate more.  Limitation is an ideal breading ground for creativity and inspiration.  In a few short hours FaceBook was buzzing with This Shirt.  See the screen shot below says it all:

So, the latest tally is 171 shirts sold from the start of the project up to the time of this post.  Not reflected in this number is the enthusiasm and support of the countless people on FaceBook, Twitter and everywhere else.  I spoke to so many people over email and FaceBook who I’d never met but were instantly united by this simple and powerful goal.

I’ve also been speaking to many more potential partners who will be helping promote this project for african schools and for future projects.   FabFind has also been amazing and will continue to offer the shirt to it’s large client base.

So, what does this mean for our goal of 500 shirts and building one school in Africa?   It means continue to talk and share in person and online.  The least you can do is actually the most.   This project was created for many reasons.  There is the obvious one: building a school for kids who have no opportunity to attend one.   But the even larger goal is to prove little ideas can make big changes with the help of good friends.

I’d like to take the chance to thank many of those good friends.  Many I have met.  Many I have not.  They came from everywhere and did everything from blogging, to talking to buying.  And they did it relentlessly:

Shawn Mozen from Agatsu, Robb Wolf author of the Paleo Solution, Jennifer Branco and all the people at the Micheal Pinball Clemons FoundationFree The Children, Craig Smith Of FabFind, Coach Mike Burgener, Trinity-Spadina MPP Rosario Marchese, Ken Chong of The BaitShopSteve CotterSincere HoganNicki Voletti of NorCal S&C, Erwan Le corre of MovNat, Brian MacKenzie from CrossFit EnduranceTeam GorillaWhole9,Summer Wesson of CrossFit Team AcademyBoris Terzic, Sio, Leah, Tyler and Peter the awesome team at CrossFit Quantum, Greg Carver of Strength Box, Jonah Brotman ofOperation Groundswell, Nogah Kornberg of Young Social Entrepreneurs of Canada, Amy Kubal of Fuel as Rx, Martin Rubio of Vroom Media, Daniela Andrews of Rule Of Three,Mike MahlerCrossFit Harlem, Mark Gleason of CrossFit NiagaraAng Armstrong of Iron Angel KettleBells, Cindy Sexton of PaleoDish and Summer Innanen of Cosmopolitan Primal Girl. And Finally, the amazing crew at Academy Of Lions that made this happen:Sohail Bastani, Mashid Shahfar, Ashley Holland, Erin McCutcheon, Freya Ravensbergen, Sara-Clare Lajeunesse, Mikey Pamaputera, Myles McCutchon, John Viljeon, Mike Tamblyn, Caitlin Steenberg, Soha Bastani  and an ever growing cast.

There are many many more to thank and I will later. It’s a little too early in the morning and a little too little coffee to do it all.

I’ll be updating the numbers as we edge closer to 500.  I’ll also post videos of the process:  from shirt to school.

Endless thanks,


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