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Where Ancestral Health and Bodybuilding Meet (or Meat?)

January 26, 2011

The primary reason I established this site is because I have a passion for both Ancestral Health AND Bodybuilding.

At it’s heart, bodybuilding is virtuous pursuit. Too many times bodybuilders get labeled as meatheads or mistakenly thought of as seeking vanity for vanity’s sake. While there will always be exceptions to any rule, this couldn’t be further from the truth for most gym rats and general amateur bodybuilders. Your average amateur bodybuilder and amateur nutritional anthropologist have WAY MORE in common than either side realize.

Your average paleo-head is typically someone wanting to get healthy, and while the focus is on health first, thoughts quickly turn to how aesthetics can be improved at the same time. We know that looking good means feeling good, that someone with 8% bodyfat is typically healthier and more fit than one with 18% bodyfat – so almost all paleo-ers seek body recomposition.

Whether we admit it or not, even the most die-hard paleo junkie wants to look good naked. Go to Mark’s Daily Apple or Robb Wolf’s site and read the testimonials.

The difference between the two groups can be summed up in that distinction: bodybuilders aren’t ashamed of the fact that they want to look good naked. They seek out those low bodyfat numbers and high strength numbers as a means to an end – a great looking physique and improved fitness. They eat “clean” – something that even on looks a lot like the paleo diet – lean protein, no processed food, etc. The paleo diet would be right up your average bodybuilding enthusiast’s alley. Sweet potatoes? Check. Chicken and turkey breast? Check. Fish oil? Check. Goat’s blood? Wait a minute!

The point is this: does it matter if the stated goals are different, when the intrinsic goals, the means to achieve them and the end are ALL the same?

Absolutely not. So don’t kid yourself if, like me, you are an amateur nutritional anthropologist and you think curls are from the devil – you want to be fit, lean and healthy.

Wait a second – brainbuster for you – what would you call a hobby that revolved around sound nutritional choices and involved getting stronger, leaner and in better shape? Let me think… you’d be building your body, what if we went with: BODYBUILDING! Dude, I’ve got to get a copyright on that!

All kidding aside – there is an old football saying that goes, “you’ve got to look good to play good”. Let’s keep trying to look and feel great and not worry about what it’s called, okay?

Keep on rockin

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