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October 20, 2010

So sorry to anyone who regularly follows PBB… In the last two weeks I have been crazy busy… I know we all say this, but on October 8, I GOT MARRIED!

That's me on the right...

Then we immediately left for our Honeymoon to GORGEOUS St. John, USVI:


One of the best beaches in the world... (Trunk Bay, St. John)

Where, despite all the beauty and majesty of a tropical island, there was no working internet.

I was promised service... but got none!

So – I apologize for for not just putting this post in the week of the 4th, but I was bananas busy!  It totally just slipped through the cracks.

I will update this post when we get our pictures uploaded – if you are interested you can see some of the sights from my trip, live vicariously through me and get an idea of what I look like (don’t know if that’s going to help or hurt traffic…).


Here’s a couple articles.  Good reads – check ’em out:

LDL Cholesterol Calculator – I will touch more on this on Friday, but I have a “health screening” tomorrow to decide how much of a premium I have to pay for health insurance next year.  Among the tests is the DREADED cholesterol “risk” test.  I got mine done recently, and my non-fasted triglycerides were at 40.  Pretty low – but my LDL was “high” at 130.  I did a little digging and found that while LDL is calculated based on HDL and TRIGS, etc, there is a much newer (and less often used) test developed by Iranian Scientists to account for those people who do not have high cholesterol numbers (the Friedewald formula was developed in 1972).  This formula puts my LDL at 95.  To them, this is a much less risky number, so I’m hoping they are using this calculation.  Put your latest results into the calculator to find your (probably) more realistic LDL number.  This tells nothing of particle size or oxidation levels however, so this test is basically useless either way, but what the fuck ever.

The China Study vs the China study | The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D. – a great run through of what the China Study says from Dr. Eades.  Very smart man.

CHEZ GROK’S PRIMAL RECIPES! Cookbook – – Chez Grok has some solid Primal/Paleoish recipes here, from desserts to breakfast and soup to nuts.  Good place to dig up tonight’s chow!

Rock and Roll – see you on Friday!


FOF, Black Sheep Edition

October 1, 2010

Happy FRIDAY Gang!!!

When someone asks if you want extra Mayonnaise, you have to say yes.  Cause that’s part of it.  If the easy way is to walk, ya know around something, you walk through it.  – Jared Allen

You may remember the footage of Jared SPEARING A WILD ANIMAL FROM A TREE…

Next up, we have a clip from the New Zealand version of the comedy classic Black Sheep.  Here is the description, from Youtube (I am not making this up):

“Early footage from the movie. Oliver Driver gets attacked by escaped fetus.”

And finally… then there is the REAL Black Sheep, summed up nicely in the following clip.

Party on dudes!

GR 9.29.10

September 29, 2010
We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit. – Aristotle

The above is really for me – I am slipping into the habit of mediocrity… Just three articles today.  I am slacking, and I apologize.  Excuse, excuse, blah, blah, excuse.

These are all worth your time – so at least what I’ve got, I came through on.

  • First, an excellent diagram on the proper use of hips:

You will see this picture again at some point - think about this while lifting.

Enjoy, Learn and GROW.



September 24, 2010

THESE THINGS ARE THE BEST FUCKING PALEO-ISH SNACK PERIOD.  (Yes, I know I’m swearing and using caps.  Yes, I’m comfortable with that.  I’m enlightened.) Richard Nikoley isn’t the only dude that gets to drop an F-Bomb…

Before you say anything, I am aware of how awesome Andy Deas’ custard thing is.  It’s outrageously good, but it is also dessert, not a snack.  The title of this post is NOT the BEST FUCKING DESSERT, it’s THE BEST FUCKING SNACK.  And these win, hands down.  With or without the dried fruit.

Legal notice: I reserve the right to change my mind at any time about what the “BEST FUCKING PALEO-ISH (INSERT THING HERE)” is.


Don't be Jealous that my Whole Foods sells this!

It’s football season and I love football, so you’re more than likely going to get a football clip every week.  This one is worth the payoff at the end, so stick with it.

  Whatever.  Don’t judge.  This shit brings back fond memories and you know it.

The thing is this isn’t even the best song from this movie (“AIDS” and “America, Fuck Yea” were obviously superior) but it’s still badass

I am going to be drinking some St. Peters and/or Norcal Margaritas tonight – are you?  Did I mention Robb Wolf is my idol?  Whatever, the guy fucking rules.

Enjoy your weekend!


Good Reads – 9.22.10

September 22, 2010

“The spine evolved to handle weight in the “chest out, hips back” position. That’s why we coach it that way. Why would we want to get better in producing force in any other way?” – Jason Nunn,

Check these out!

  • A couple from T-Nation. First, Robb Wolf’s interview on how Paleo concepts can be applied to bodybuilding. Then, check out this article by Charles Poliquin that highlights the need to have stabilization muscles working at full tilt in order to achieve maximum strength.  There is a story of how a guy added like 50lbs to his bench by doing external rotations — sounds crazy, but think about it.  If your shoulders can’t keep the bar stable, you lose power.  It’s that simple.  Read, and grow stronger.
  • I have probably put this on a previous Good Reads, but just in case, here it is again.  Go read why Statins are not only ineffectual, but simply prescribed for the wrong reasons.  They treat inflammation.  That’s it.
  • Over at Whole9, here is a thought primer on whether or not you should be taking whatever supplement you want to take.  Great list.
  • As if you needed two more reasons to throw out crunches and situps, Elitefts delivers just that, with two very emphatic reasons why training the “core” may actually be setting you back.  The key quote of this article is what you see at the top: “The spine evolved to handle weight in the “chest out, hips back” position. That’s why we coach it that way. Why would we want to get better in producing force in any other way?”

See you on Friday!

Wednesday (Ok, Thursday…) Good Reads

September 16, 2010

I am busy right now trying to figure out a better system for posts on this site.  The daily workouts are simply up too late in the day to be of any help to anyone, and I question the need for a WOD-style anyway.  I love the idea, but in practice, we’re doing very similar things from workout to workout.  No need for a WOD.

So, where I’m thinking of going is to a two/three post system.  Sunday, I post the week’s workouts; Wednesday will be for the “good reads” from around the web (hopefully stuff you haven’t seen yet!); and Friday, well – it’s FOF!

I will eventually add some “real” content, some regular editorial work, I just don’t know when yet.  In the meantime any thoughts I have on “Bar Don’t Lie” will be baked into the Wednesday and Friday posts.

Oh – and before the 1st of the year, will be up and running.  I own the domain and will be working to get it rolling over the next couple of months.

Without further ado, and no more guilding the lilly

  • When Dave Tate talks, I listen.  Nothing ground breaking in this article, but it’s a quick read and it’ll help you get re-focused if you’re off your game.
  • A nice kick-in-the-ass from Jim Wendler here.  “Nut up” is a phrase I’d use to describe this thought-stream in two words.  For this idea in a full article form, head over to T-Nation here.  You gotta read this stuff.  There simply isn’t a better guy out there to cut through the bullshit and tell it like it is.
  • Over at Starting Strength, this video is great.  Just a few really smart (and strong) guys answering some questions.  I’m thinking this will be a great series.
  • Last but not least, a great post by Brad Pilon of  How to be awesome.  It’s well written and totally true.  Go out and be awesome today!

And there you have it – read up!

May the Schwartz be wtih you

Back in the swing – kind of

September 13, 2010

It’s time to get back to the big weights today!  Squats are where we start.

I will not be joining you in your quest for big squat numbers today, as I pulled my left hamstring yesterday.  I’ve got some rehab to do, but can still guide you on your way.

Hamstring injuries, to put it lightly, SUCK

Today is when we work up to a heavy set of 5-8 reps (or as many as you can get!).  Let’s get after it!.

WORK: Squat (5)

  1. Z-Health Warmup
  2. Shoulder Work
  3. Foam Roll – Low back minimum
  4. Jump Rope
  5. Squat
    • Warmup sets = 3 reps for about 6-10 sets
    • Three work sets @ 5 reps each
    • Work up to around 75-80% 1RM for as many reps as possible
    • Example:
      • 45 x 3 x 2
      • 95 x 3 x 2
      • 135 x 3 x 2
      • 185 x 3
      • 205 x 3
      • 230 x 5
      • 265 x 5
      • 300 x AMRAP
  6. (Optional) Squat – 5-10 @ ~40-50% 1RM
  7. Ab work – Hanging leg raises
  8. Conditioning – Hills or Intervals

Rock it!!!