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September 24, 2010

THESE THINGS ARE THE BEST FUCKING PALEO-ISH SNACK PERIOD.  (Yes, I know I’m swearing and using caps.  Yes, I’m comfortable with that.  I’m enlightened.) Richard Nikoley isn’t the only dude that gets to drop an F-Bomb…

Before you say anything, I am aware of how awesome Andy Deas’ custard thing is.  It’s outrageously good, but it is also dessert, not a snack.  The title of this post is NOT the BEST FUCKING DESSERT, it’s THE BEST FUCKING SNACK.  And these win, hands down.  With or without the dried fruit.

Legal notice: I reserve the right to change my mind at any time about what the “BEST FUCKING PALEO-ISH (INSERT THING HERE)” is.


Don't be Jealous that my Whole Foods sells this!

It’s football season and I love football, so you’re more than likely going to get a football clip every week.  This one is worth the payoff at the end, so stick with it.

  Whatever.  Don’t judge.  This shit brings back fond memories and you know it.

The thing is this isn’t even the best song from this movie (“AIDS” and “America, Fuck Yea” were obviously superior) but it’s still badass

I am going to be drinking some St. Peters and/or Norcal Margaritas tonight – are you?  Did I mention Robb Wolf is my idol?  Whatever, the guy fucking rules.

Enjoy your weekend!


Good Reads – 9.22.10

September 22, 2010

“The spine evolved to handle weight in the “chest out, hips back” position. That’s why we coach it that way. Why would we want to get better in producing force in any other way?” – Jason Nunn,

Check these out!

  • A couple from T-Nation. First, Robb Wolf’s interview on how Paleo concepts can be applied to bodybuilding. Then, check out this article by Charles Poliquin that highlights the need to have stabilization muscles working at full tilt in order to achieve maximum strength.  There is a story of how a guy added like 50lbs to his bench by doing external rotations — sounds crazy, but think about it.  If your shoulders can’t keep the bar stable, you lose power.  It’s that simple.  Read, and grow stronger.
  • I have probably put this on a previous Good Reads, but just in case, here it is again.  Go read why Statins are not only ineffectual, but simply prescribed for the wrong reasons.  They treat inflammation.  That’s it.
  • Over at Whole9, here is a thought primer on whether or not you should be taking whatever supplement you want to take.  Great list.
  • As if you needed two more reasons to throw out crunches and situps, Elitefts delivers just that, with two very emphatic reasons why training the “core” may actually be setting you back.  The key quote of this article is what you see at the top: “The spine evolved to handle weight in the “chest out, hips back” position. That’s why we coach it that way. Why would we want to get better in producing force in any other way?”

See you on Friday!

Wednesday (Ok, Thursday…) Good Reads

September 16, 2010

I am busy right now trying to figure out a better system for posts on this site.  The daily workouts are simply up too late in the day to be of any help to anyone, and I question the need for a WOD-style anyway.  I love the idea, but in practice, we’re doing very similar things from workout to workout.  No need for a WOD.

So, where I’m thinking of going is to a two/three post system.  Sunday, I post the week’s workouts; Wednesday will be for the “good reads” from around the web (hopefully stuff you haven’t seen yet!); and Friday, well – it’s FOF!

I will eventually add some “real” content, some regular editorial work, I just don’t know when yet.  In the meantime any thoughts I have on “Bar Don’t Lie” will be baked into the Wednesday and Friday posts.

Oh – and before the 1st of the year, will be up and running.  I own the domain and will be working to get it rolling over the next couple of months.

Without further ado, and no more guilding the lilly

  • When Dave Tate talks, I listen.  Nothing ground breaking in this article, but it’s a quick read and it’ll help you get re-focused if you’re off your game.
  • A nice kick-in-the-ass from Jim Wendler here.  “Nut up” is a phrase I’d use to describe this thought-stream in two words.  For this idea in a full article form, head over to T-Nation here.  You gotta read this stuff.  There simply isn’t a better guy out there to cut through the bullshit and tell it like it is.
  • Over at Starting Strength, this video is great.  Just a few really smart (and strong) guys answering some questions.  I’m thinking this will be a great series.
  • Last but not least, a great post by Brad Pilon of  How to be awesome.  It’s well written and totally true.  Go out and be awesome today!

And there you have it – read up!

May the Schwartz be wtih you

Back in the swing – kind of

September 13, 2010

It’s time to get back to the big weights today!  Squats are where we start.

I will not be joining you in your quest for big squat numbers today, as I pulled my left hamstring yesterday.  I’ve got some rehab to do, but can still guide you on your way.

Hamstring injuries, to put it lightly, SUCK

Today is when we work up to a heavy set of 5-8 reps (or as many as you can get!).  Let’s get after it!.

WORK: Squat (5)

  1. Z-Health Warmup
  2. Shoulder Work
  3. Foam Roll – Low back minimum
  4. Jump Rope
  5. Squat
    • Warmup sets = 3 reps for about 6-10 sets
    • Three work sets @ 5 reps each
    • Work up to around 75-80% 1RM for as many reps as possible
    • Example:
      • 45 x 3 x 2
      • 95 x 3 x 2
      • 135 x 3 x 2
      • 185 x 3
      • 205 x 3
      • 230 x 5
      • 265 x 5
      • 300 x AMRAP
  6. (Optional) Squat – 5-10 @ ~40-50% 1RM
  7. Ab work – Hanging leg raises
  8. Conditioning – Hills or Intervals

Rock it!!!

FOF 9.10.10

September 10, 2010

Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… MASS HYSTERIA!

Tesla Coils produce musical tones by modulating spark output – it’s science.

  “I feel like frickin Geronimo…”  “Why go buy it when you can hunt it?”

WORK: Dynamic/Circuit Upper

  1. Z-Health Warmup
  2. Shoulder Work
  3. Foam roll trouble areas
  4. Jump Rope
  5. Superset:
    • Dynamic Military
    • Chinups
  6. Complex – ARAP in 10 minutes:
    • Dips x 5
    • DB Curls x 5
    • Lateral Raises x 5
    • DB Triceps Extensions x 5
    • Shrugs x 5
    • Renegade Rows x 3 each arm
    • Jump rope x 20

Complex = no rest between exercises or sets.  Go for it balls out for 10 minutes or so, then finish the last set you are on.

Enjoy your FOF!

Leaning out on PBB

September 9, 2010

Sorry for the hiatus to all 30 of you who check up here regularly!  I have been absolutely SWAMPED at work, and with last week being deload… but whatevs.  Back to the regularly scheduled content.  Today is Dynamic Lower.  I will be significantly lowering the volume as I have not been sleeping well and I’m going to be adding a bit of intervals and metcons to try to increase my general conditioning while giving my joints a big breather.  I will continue to outline the “normal workout” – I’ll just label my direction and give the optional work to be done.

Side note – this “dialed back” template I’ll be using is a GREAT workout for leaning out, if your feeling like doing so.  This next 6-week plan is just the right amount of work – when paired with a reduced calorie diet, like the Get Shredded Diet for instance – to help you lean out without losing strength.   Don’t be scared off by the supplement recommendations in the GSD, you can achieve great results by strictly monitoring your food intake and keeping your food choices paleo; the supplements just make you feel better while you’re eating very little.

If you are going to use the GSD, I urge you to consider switching to 2 meals a day.  For a 190 pound person, the recommendation is to eat 1900 calories/day – splitting that over 3, 4 or 6 meals would be outrageous to me.  Too many small portions.  Go with 2 big meals and workout in the afternoon – example:

Brunch (10:30a):

  • 6 eggs (scrambled), 2 tbsp butter, with 4 slices of bacon
    • 780 Calories

Dinner (6:30-7p):

  • Ribeye Steak (12oz), 1 cup steamed broccoli (with 2 tbsp butter)
    • 1163 Calories

Total day: 1943 calories.

So easy, a caveman could do it.

If you are going to use the 2 meal a day plan, along with a lowered calorie diet, I would strongly urge you to cut down fasting to at most once a week.  Feast/famine works best when you are feasting.  In my experience, fasting puts additional strain on you mentally, which is the LAST thing you need when leaning out.  You want to make things as pain-free as possible, and make no mistake, there will be pain.

That is an important point – dieting sucks.  It’s really challenging mentally and physically.  There will be days where you say, “Fuck it.  I’m just not going to do this.”  Your body will start screaming for carbs.  Your friends will tell you are crazy for wanting to “lose weight.”  The entire universe will conspire to make sure you are stuck in a meeting with only those mini sandwiches that have zero meat on them on the same day you left your eggs on the roof of your car on the way to work.  Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria! So buckle down.  Commit to a period of diet and give it your all.  Don’t let this crap get in your way.  If you expect to achieve something awesome, you have to be awesome.

Let’s go be awesome.

WORK: Dynamic Lower

  1. Z-Health Warmup
  2. Shoulder Work
  3. Foam Roll – lower back
  4. Jump Rope
  5. Box Squat
    • Do many warmup sets (6-10 is a good range)
    • Work up to 60% 1RM
    • 8 sets x 2 reps
  6. (Optional) Single leg Move – (Bulgarian Split Squats, Lunges, Etc) 5 x 10
  7. Drop Jumps – 1-3 x 3 reps
  8. Drop Jumps with Vertical Leap – 1-2 x 3
  9. Conditioning – Hills or Intervals (go hard, but low volume in either case)


Try this Meatloaf recipe from Giadi De Laurentiis, with the following modifications:

  • Go bun free
  • Try making your own mayo with olive oil
  • Use food processed pork rinds or nothing instead of bread crumbs
  • Ground Turkey thigh should be sufficiently fatty, but 85% ground beef works just as well

Rock and roll

Two workouts

August 27, 2010

Dynamic lower and upper.  Got slammed at work and didn’t post yesterday’s workout, but I’ll give it to you today anyways.  This is technically the start of Deload week, so we’ll be going super low volume and just get some good work in.

WORK – Dynamic Lower

  1. Z-Health Warmup
  2. Shoulder Work
  3. Jump Rope
  4. Depth Jumps – 4-6 sets x 3 reps
  5. Superset – 4-6 sets:
    • GHR/Glute Ham Back Extensions
    • Jump Rope x 50

And that’s that.  It may not feel like it, but this is an outstanding workout.  Trust me.

WORK – Dynamic Upper

  1. Z-Health Warmup
  2. Shoulder Work
  3. Jump rope
  4. Superset:
    • Press – work up to 5-8 x 3 @ 50% 1RM
    • Chins – Do a set after each Press set
  5. Superset:
      • Dips
      • Inverted Rows

      Fast workout, in and out of the gym.  More time for Man Ranch and/or NorCal Margaritas.


      MAX Bench

      August 24, 2010

      The bench press is a useful exercise because it teaches you how to push on things real hard.  – Mark Rippetoe

      As always, Rip says it best.  Get out there and PUSH!  Post results!

      WORK: Bench (1)

      1. Z-Health Warmup
      2. Shoulder Work
      3. Jump Rope
      4. Do some Pushups
      5. Bench – MAX STYLE
        • Work up to around 85-90% 1RM for as many reps as possible
        • Drop down and do as many reps as possible @ 65-70% 1RM
        • My workout:
          • 45 x 3 x 2
          • 95 x 3 x 2
          • 135 x 3 x 2
          • 185 x 3
          • 205 x 5
          • 230 x 3
          • 255 x AMRAP
          • 230 x 3
          • 205 x AMRAP
      6. Bench – 5 x 10 @ 40-50% 1RM
      7. Rows – I like Pendlay – 5 x 10

      I haven’t been planning what I’m eating as well as I used to, but when I get it going again, you’ll see updates to the “Grub” section.

      Rock on

      MAX Deadlift

      August 23, 2010

      So easy, a baby can do it!

      No time to talk!  Go Pull!

      WORK: Deadlift (1)

      1. Z-Health Warmup
      2. Shoulder Work
      3. Jump Rope
      4. Depth Jumps – 1 x 3
      5. Depth Jumps w/ Vert – 1 x 3
      6. Deadlift – MAX STYLE
        • Work up to around 85-90% 1RM for as many reps as possible
        • Drop down and do as many reps as possible @ 65-70% 1RM
        • My Workout:
          • 135 x 3 x 2
          • 185 x 3 x 2
          • 225 x 3
          • 275 x 3
          • 315 x 3
          • 330 x 5
          • 375 x 3
          • 420 x AMRAP
          • 375 x 3
          • 330 x AMRAP
      7. Deadlift – 5 x 10 @ 40-50% 1RM
      8. Either: GHR or Med Ball Ham Curls

      And that’s that.  Post weight and rep totals for both max effort sets!

      Lift. Eat. Pull.

      Max Press FOF

      August 20, 2010

      For all my fellow fantasy football players out there, I give you the following video, which is not at all creepy (I’m looking at you Gary Busey):

      And then there’s Alan Partridge, perfectly parodying (parodizing?) Soccer announcers.  Classic stuff.

      And  back to the regularly scheduled Press workout.  Don’t forget to kick ass.

      WORK: Press (1)

      1. Z-Health Warmup
      2. Shoulder Prep
      3. Jump Rope
      4. Press – just like yesterday’s squat max
        • Work up to around 85-90% 1RM for as many reps as possible
        • drop down and do as many reps as possible @ 65-70% 1RM
        • Example:
          • 45 x 3 x 3
          • 75 x 3 x 2
          • 95 x 3 x 2
          • 120 x 5
          • 140 x 3
          • 155 x AMRAP
          • 140 x 3
          • 120 x AMRAP
      5. Chins – same as above
        • BW x 3 x 2-4
        • BW+35 x 5
        • BW+ 55 x 3
        • BW+75 x AMRAP
        • BW+55 x 3
        • BW+35 x AMRAP
        • BW x AMRAP

      And that’s it.  Give your shoulders a bit of a break!

      Bar don’t lie