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August 12, 2010

“Life’s too short to be a pussy” – Bateman, the movie London

I over did it on Monday (see the video for what actually happened to me).  My back, hips and ass are still a sore – and I am not looking forward to deadlifting today at all.

Which got me to thinking: How a person deals with these types of mini-adversity is what defines you as a a decent human being.

We both know it’s all too easy to take a day off in these cases.  Or just skip conditioning.  Or skip it all, go home and lay around (I mean, Madden JUST came out).

I’m not saying in times of significant soreness or overtraining you shouldn’t back it off… just that when it’s only soreness, don’t let the lazy devil on your right shoulder outweigh your goal angel on the left.

Let’s get back to the “decent human being” thing.

Those who push through these times, things have a way of working out for them.  They get the raise, they get the girl, they get the money or they acheive their goals.  And those who don’t?  Not worth the time explaining.  The thing is – deadlifting can apply DIRECTLY to your everyday desk job – if you let it.  The resolve, tenacity and work ethic instilled when you commit to getting in there and getting it done when you don’t think you can makes you a better person.  You’re on time more often.  You get to bed earlier.  You stop making New Year’s resolutions because what’s there to resolve?  You are a better person.  No longer part of the herd.

Keep this in mind the next time you think about skipping a workout for whatever reason.  If you are the type of person who can’t stick with commitments made with yourself, what kind of commitments can you stick with?

Now for a little Rocky Balboa enouragement – get out there!  You’re better than that!

WORK: Deadlift (3)

  1. Z-Health Warmup
  2. Shoulder Work
  3. Jump Rope
  4. Deadlift – Work up to 3 heavier triples, with the last set all-out (aim for around 80-85% 1RM here).  Example:
    • 135 x 3 x 3
    • 185 x 3 x 2
    • 225 x 3
    • 275 x 3
    • 295 x 3
    • 315 x 3
    • 355 x 3
    • 395 x 3+
  5. Deadlift – 5 x 10 @ 40-50% 1RM
  6. GHR or Med Ball Curls w/ Bridge
  7. HILLS or Prowler if you’ve got one
  8. Lay down… get some extra sleep tonight.  You know you’re not going to bed early tomorrow.

Post what you get for your triple+.

Live long and prosper

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