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Dynamic Lower – Box Squats + Single Leg Squats

August 5, 2010

Most people say that they like the Olympic lifts because they are “fast”. Most coaches can’t accept the fact that any lift can be “fast”! For example, one day a week I use box squats with sub-maximal weights as an “explosive” exercise for my athletes. For an athlete who can squat 505lbs., I might use 315lbs. for multiple sets of 2 reps. The athlete would perform these reps as fast as possible. Since 315lbs. represents about 60% of his 1-rep max, science has proven that the weight is heavy enough to produce enough force, yet light enough to produce enough speed. And we should all know that speed X strength = power.

This same athlete would probably only be able to perform power cleans with about 225lbs. So I ask you this question, “Would you rather be explosive with 225lbs. or 315lbs.?” I’d rather have my athletes move heavier weights faster. – Joe Defranco,

I can’t remember if I posted this or not before, but it never hurts to read things again.  I will probably post it 3-4 more times before I’m through with this site – it’s that good to me.  This was the thing that I read that really put me over the edge with Box Squats.  I read all the Louie Simmons stuff, and I wanted to buy it, but for some reason it was this quote that sold me on it.  And I can honestly say, after doing them for a few months, the explosiveness is real.  Real explosive development without the necessary technique training and (in my opinion) greater likelihood of injury.

But, but, but, I heard Box Squats are dangerous, and they hurt your back and blah blah blah.  Wrong.  Just like improperly performed olympic lifts, improperly performed box squats are terrible for you.  If you treat a box squat like a regular squat, only briefly pausing at the bottom and NEVER fully loosening up, the box squat is as safe as a curl.  This last part is key.  You NEVER lose tightness at the bottom.  If you weigh 200lbs, you are only giving that box 50-75lbs.  Imagine the box as something that kinda hurts.  You have to put some pressure on it, but if you put too much, OUCH!  One of those two analogies should work for you.  If you need another, let me know.  I’ve got spare time.

WORK: Dynamic Lower

  1. Z-Health Warmup
  2. Shoulder Re/Prehab
  3. Jump Rope
  4. Box Squat – Work up to 63% 1RM
  5. Bulgarian Split Squats (3-5 sets of 8-10) or Split Squat Jumps (3-5 sets of 3-5)
  6. Glute Ham Raises or Med Ball Hamstring Curls (with Glute Bridge!) – 3-5 sets of 10
  7. HILLS

A note on hills.  They can severely detract from your recovery if you’re not eating/sleeping/recovering.  Be careful about the addition of these, and the volume at which you perform them.  Expect your numbers and recovery to take a bit of a hit as you ease them in.  Long term, the addition will really pay off.


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