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5 Good Reads, 8/4/10

August 4, 2010
  • Head on over to PaNu to check out this article on statins and the cholesterol hypothesis.  The highlight (for me at least) was the following – both an explanation of what Cholesterol is actually doing and of why correlation does not equal causation:

Say you observe that the neighborhoods that have the most numbers of police on patrol have more crime.

A neighborhood in downtown Milwaukee has more than 8 times the per capita police presence than in Sturgeon Bay 120 miles to the north. The crime rate in downtown Milwaukee is also more than an order of magnitude higher. Say the calculated correlation coefficient is .85 – with 0 being no correlation and 1.0 perfect correlation. Is it reasonable to propose we reduce the number of police in Milwaukee in order to effect a lower crime rate? There is a very high (and statistically significant) correlation, but if we think of mechanisms, and how police presence relates to crime, we would probably think that the police are there in response to the crime and are not likely causing it. We might go a step further and say that it might be dangerous to reduce the number of police, as for all we know the city has put them there for good reason, and the crime differential between our two towns might become even greater without them

  • At Raw Food SOS, a fellow data geek took the China Study to task.  Re-Analyzing the data gives us a completely different view of the findings, including that more animal protein does NOT correlate with more cancer.  It’s important to learn more about this study because it seems like everyone (who wants to justify margarine use) references it, but no one knows what it really says.  Only the press releases.
  • Why is the Pendlay Row the most efficient strength builder of the rowing motions?  Follow this link to learn more from Glenn Pendlay, Head Coach of the Wichita Falls Weightlifting Team (Mark Rippetoe’s Gym).
  • Also from Strong Lifts, a discussion on lifting style vs. footwear.  Overall, it’s Chuck T’s and Bare Feet… My recommendation as well!
  • From the world of Pop Culture… You can’t run away from it.  They’ve made it impossible.  And now I’m feeding into it as well.  Check out this article on the 10 Best Quotes about Brett Favre’s “retirement”.  These are real too!

My favorite:

“Pacing back and forth as he decides retirement, Brett Favre accidentally completes Redskins conditioning test.” —’s Jeff MacGregor, on Twitter

With so much drama in the LBC, it’s kinda hard being Snoop D-O-Double-G

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