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Wednesday Link Round Up

July 7, 2010
Right into it…
  • For those of you who sit a lot (like I do): Check out this video.

These are invaluable for “waking up” the glutes before a squat workout.  You might feel weird doing these at the gym, but in the end, those other folks at the gym aren’t going to lift your weights for you.  Do what’s right, not what looks right to other people.

Turns out regulating the SIRT1 enzyme limits fat and cholesterol creation, a possible boon for those with weight or cholesterol issues.  They go off the tracks a bit when they discuss the “negative effects” of a high-fat diet (a term used to describe a diet high in both fat AND carbs in typical clinical tests), but the advice is sound: fasting occasionally makes you healthier.

  • I could be wrong, but does this study actually say that women on a non-caloric restricted VLCD lost more weight (-2.6lbs) than women put on a 500-800 calorie conventional diet (-1.9lbs)?

I know it’s only one week, and that VLCD reduce water weight, but this was a comparison of non-restricted to restricted and low-carb STILL won out.  Love the conclusion: “Short-term hypoenergetic diets, irrespective of the carbohydrate content, seem to reduce significantly body mass, but do not impair acute strength performance.”  No where did it state that the VLCD was hypoenergetic, but I’ll have to take their word for it.

Have at it!

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