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Dynamic Upper: Dynamic Bench + Supersets

July 6, 2010

“The Bench Press is like playing soccer, anyone can do it, that’s why it’s so popular.” – Unknown

In everything you do, move away from what “anyone” is doing.

I don’t mean to not Bench, just because this guy’s doing it – what I’m suggesting is: you’ve got to think a little different to get the most out of this lift.

Today’s workout will be a step towards “really strong” and “generally awesome”.  We will be focusing on the dynamic/explosive side of Bench Press, working at 50% 1RM for 8 sets of 3 reps.  Why 3 reps and not 2, like yesterday’s squats? This comes down to time specificity for competition max Bench Pressing (you have to slightly pause at your chest in a competition lift), and since part of PBB is developing strength and power, borrowing (stealing?) a cue from competing powerlifters is a very good idea.

WORK: Dynamic Upper (Bench)

  1. Z-Health Warmup
  2. Handstand Holds/Pushups (warm up your shoulders)
  3. Dynamic Effort Bench Press
    • Work up to sets of 3 @ 50% 1RM
    • 8 x 3 @ 50% 1RM
    • OPTIONAL: Work up to 1RM – set a PR!
  4. Superset x 4-5:
    • Arnold Presses x 8-12
    • Inverted Rows x 5-AMRAP
    • Jump Rope (any style) x 25-AMRAP

Optional PR day for Bench Press.  If you do – GOOD LUCK!  If you don’t – you better have a good reason not to.  Like you’ve just lost an arm.  Push yourself!

Post your PR to the comments.

This guy's PR-ing today!

Don’t worry, be happy

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  1. July 7, 2010 2:27 pm

    Only got up to 275#. Left shoulder was a little balky.

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