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Dynamic Lower: Box Squats + Jones Crawl

July 5, 2010

Box squatting develops expolsiveness out of the bottom of the squat. It also gets you closer to being nearly as badass as this guy.

Right to business today.

This workout will make you stronger and tougher.  The Jones crawl is a brutal reminder of just how important your lower back is to everything you do.  You don’t really know what I’m talking about until you’ve done it, so here is your workout:

WORK: Dynamic Lower

  1. Z-Health Neural Warmup
  2. Jump Rope – 2 x 100
  3. Box Squats
    • Warmup: work up to 65% of your [conventional back squat] Max
    • 8 x 2 reps @ number above, 45-60 seconds between sets
    1. Jones Crawl, 3 sets without stopping, as fast as possible:
      • Deadlift: 115% Bodyweight x 10
      • Box Jumps: 25 reps @ 24″

      That’s it.  You should be in better shape and stronger – I know I am.

      Party on


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