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June 30, 2010

Had been very behind in my reading of other blogs and websites, but today I got caught up a bit.  The following are a few links worth your time:

“…I participated in a myth… What I’m saying is, a “week” is not a week on TV.” – Kai Hibbard, Biggest Loser Contestant

Where the quote above comes from.  Apparently it’s not possible to lose 12 pounds a week (and by week, I mean 7 days).  Whatever.

  • From Pubmed, link here: Fasting is good for your brain.  It appears that fasting helps “clean up” brain cells by regulating mTOR – a process analagous to protein turnover in muscles. More on: Autophagy and mTOR.

“Our data lead us to speculate that sporadic fasting might represent a simple, safe and inexpensive means to promote this potentially therapeutic neuronal response.  The increased neuronal autophagy is revealed by changes in autophagosome abundance and characteristics, and by diminished neuronal mTOR activity in vivo, demonstrated by a reduction in levels of phosphorylated S6 ribosomal protein in Purkinje cells.”

  • Of interest to the already fairly lean, looks like fasting also has some beneficial affects for trimming that last bit of stubborn bodyfat.  From Lean Gains.

Two from Peter at Hyperlipid (Peter is tough to read sometimes (if you’re not a PhD), but is worth it):

  • Article #1: up insulin, up IGF-1.  Up IGF-1, damage heart.  Insulin damages your heart.
  • Article #2: If the government tells you what to eat, and that food makes you sick, it’s still good!  Why?  Duh, because the gov’t says so…

“In conclusion, the results of this study showed that whilst following the UK dietary guidelines to increase carbohydrate and reduce fat intake did appear to have adverse effects on HDL cholesterol concentration, these same dietary changes were also associated with some positive health effects on the antioxidant potential of the plasma and a reduction in BMI.”  No no no no no. The HDL didn’t “appear” to drop. It dropped. It dropped right out of the clinically acceptable range. These women were injured in the study, directly by the dietitians and indirectly by the FSA. I wonder if they were told to go back to their previous self selected diet to get their HDL back in to the clinically acceptable range and their triglycerides down? Ha ha ha.”

“Nothing in biology makes sence except in the light of evolution” – Theodore Dobzhansky

One of my favorite sayings!  This article points out how too often contemporary nutritional “science” simply dismisses this truth out of hand completely, approaching nutrition from a whacky place.  Call the paleo diet “pseudo-science” if you want, sounds like the man keeping us down if you ask me.  We’ve got evolution and a lot more time on our side.

Stay tuned for more like this in the future!

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