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Why you need to be strong + Press Workout

June 29, 2010

Being strong does not stop infection.  Strength does not magically make you healthy (disease free) by any known mechanism. What it does do is make you less likely to die – die from any cause.  Cancer, heart attack, AIDS, car wreck, gunshot, you name the demise, it doesn’t matter.  If you are weak you will not survive the nastiness the world can throw at you as well as if you are strong.  The strongest of us are the best survivors. –

Look it up here.  It’s a British Medical Journal study that found that the strongest 1/3 of the population was less likely to die from ANY cause.  No expanation why, apparently just being a badass makes you live longer…  I don’t know about you, but it makes me want to hit the gym!  Oh and buy the shirt here.

Look it up... British Medical Journal, 12:337(7661)

WORK – Press (3)

  1. Z-Health Warmup
  2. Handstand Holds
  3. Press (3)
    • 45 x 5 x 2
    • 65 x 3
    • 85 x 2
    • 110 x 3
    • 125 x 3
    • 140 x 8
  4. Press – 5 x 10 @ 80#
  5. Chins
    • BW x 5
    • BW x 3
    • +55 x 3 x 4
    • BW x 10


  • Breakfast
    • 7 eggs cooked in bacon grease
    • 1 tbsp Coconut oil
  • Leftover Jambalaya
  • Grass Fed Sirloin Steak with White Asparagus, Shallots and Zucchini

Be excellent to each other

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