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Man-Makers (MetCon Upper 6.25.10)

June 28, 2010

What you look like mid-way through... Thanks to Gym Jones

WORK – Met-Con Upper

  1. Superset x 4:
    • Dips x 10
    • Pullups x 5
  2. Man-Maker @ 15lb DBs (The goal would be to get 3 sets of 10, I failed)
    • 3 sets: 10 reps, 6 reps and 10 reps

Wow – too simple of a workout, right?  Wrong.  Man-Makers are brutal and will punish and wear you down.  Especially after the dips and pullups…  Here’s how to do a Man-Maker:


  1. While holding Dumbells, drop into burpee/plank position
  2. Perform 1 Pushup
  3. Perform 1 Row with 1 arm (From plank position, similar to a “Renegade Row”)
  4. Perform 1 Pushup
  5. Perform 1 Row with other arm
  6. Jump legs forward to DB’s
  7. Perform 1 DB Power Clean
  8. From Rack Position of DB Power Clean, Perform 1 DB Push Press or Jerk
  9. Repeat x 9 (and try not to puke)

I know it looks odd that I got 6 reps on set two and was able to finish set 3… All I can say is that I have some weird extra gear that I can go to when the finish line is in sight.  I died out at 6 during set two, took about 90 seconds or so and got back on the horse.  I was able to push through the 10 reps.  Nearly died.  Fun way to spend a Friday!

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