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Fish Oil Update + TFOD 6.18.10

June 21, 2010

Years ago at a clinic, a young man told me, “Squats hurt my knees.”  I asked him to demonstrate for me, and after he did said bluntly, “Squats don’t hurt your knees; what you are doing hurts your knees.” – Dan John from “Never Let Go”

In my last post, I suggested supposedly superhuman doses of Fish Oil.  After a few days on this plan, I’ve noticed a couple of things:

  1. My guts have needed a couple of days to adjust.  Without getting disgusting, there was a noticeable disturbance in regularity the first day or two.  This has passed.
  2. More “energy”.  I have slept really well that last couple of days and needed less coffee.  Could really be anything, but I’m crediting this addition
  3. My face is significantly clearer.  Day 2, had a bit of a mini break out, over the last couple days it has cleared and then some.
  4. Less sore post TFOD.  This is objective, but again, I’m counting it.

Those last 3 things are pretty great!  If you can put up with #1 for a day or two, I can say that early on there are some (arguably) tangible benefits.  More updates to follow.

Training – Press

  1. Z-Health Warmup
  2. Handstand Holds – 3 sets @ 20 sec each
  3. Press
    • 100 x 5
    • 115 x 5
    • 130 x 9
  4. Press (5 x 10)
    • 75lbs
  5. Chins (weighted)
    • BW x 5
    • BW x 3
    • BW + 50lbs x 3, 3, 3, 4
    • BW x 15

The handstand holds were awesome as an eye-opening moment for me.  I am going to need more gymnastics work to improve my true strength.  I cannot do a handstand pushup yet.  Goal added.

Rock and roll

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