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The Randy Couture Barbell Complex Ball-Buster

May 18, 2010

You tell me I can’t do it, I’m gonna train harder to prove to you that I can do it. ~ Randy Couture, UFC Fighter

WOD – 5.17.10

In the previous post, I stated that it was advisable to start out a PSMF with some Interval Training, Metcon or Barbell complexes; getting in there and doing something to kick start your efforts by rapidly depleting glycogen. 

I had heard about Randy Couture’s barbell complex workout last year when I was practicing Jiu-Jitsu but never had the guts to try it.  Until yesterday.  It is fairly grueling, working almost every muscle group and really hammering your entire Posterior Chain.  Your erectors (low-back), hamstrings, hips and glutes will be completely gassed, along with your shoulders, and your forearms/hands will start to seize from not putting the bar down for 2-3 minutes.

I suggest starting as low as 45# (just the olympic bar) your first time through, just to get used to the movements, going up as you progress.  Randy himself only uses 95#. 

The Routine:

 The following is to be done in sequence, without putting the bar down (entire cycle will take you 2-3 minutes most likely).  Repeat 3-8 times, taking a 1-3 minute break between sets, and make sure you have a puke bucket ready after sets 3-4.

  1. Bent (Horizontal) Rows x 8
  2. Uprows x 8
  3. Military Press (NOT push press – keep knees stiff)  x 8
  4. Good Mornings x 8
  5. Split Squats/Rear Lunges x 8 (each leg)
  6. Squat + Behind Head Push Press x 8 (Perform 1 squat, then reset feet and do push press, this counts as one rep)
  7. Straight-leg deadlift x 8

Check the video to see how to perform each lift if you have questions (especially for the squat + push press).

I did 5 sets, 1 @ 45#, 1 @ 55# and 3 @ 65#.  Next time I’ll start with 65# and go with shorter rest periods… I rested 2-3 minutes between the first 4, 1 minute the last one.  Sweet workout.

Via con dios

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  1. April 5, 2013 6:04 am

    Thank you for posting the link to my site. I read your “Who do you think I am?” page and we have a VERY simular history and training belief system. Glad to make a new friend and really enjoy your blog.

    • April 5, 2013 10:08 am

      Glad to know know you too man, it’s great to meet another recovering FLEX addict! Also appreciate the love on the blog… I really want to get back to it and just haven’t made the time for it. You keep up the good work man. Great to see all the success stories on your page.


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