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Change is the only constant

May 13, 2010

If it bleeds, we can kill it. ~Arnold Schwarzenegger (Predator)

“Working out.”  Part of the word implies a tedious task, but that’s really a connotation spread by those who aren’t currently earning a living at their vocation.  When you have a passion for what you “do,” can you really call it “work” in the traditional sense?  I love the feeling of improvement every time I go to the gym.  When improvement stalls, my enjoyment stalls only briefly, because immediately afterward I start contemplating how I can improve performance again.  I dissect what I did wrong leading up to the session: too much food?  Not enough?  How did my blood-sugar feel?  Was it grip strength?  Mobility?  Too much booze last night?  Was the fiance there?  I look for those trends in the data of my life and make adjustments from there.  Like how I outlined I was trying a BCAA supplement before working out based on some recovery issues.  Then I break down form, lifting technique, tempo, rest periods, etc.

The take-home message here is this: Find peace in the grind of a Max Effort Deadlift, a Crossfit MetCon or Tabata Sprints.  Find contentment in knowing you acheive something everyday.  That you are one step closer to your goal.  Then, do it again.

I’m going to be playing around with my workout schedule to incorporate some things I’ve been pondering of late… for instance, if we model our training after our hunter/gatherer ancestors, then should I really be throwing tabata sprints in in-between heavy workouts?  We know that hunter-gatherers typically hunt 3-4 times per week on non-consecutive days.  Is it any coincidence that a vast majority of non-superhuman (read: non-steroid-fueled) training/workout plans call for either a 3 or 4 session per week, typically non-consecutive day format?  Crossfit goes 6 days a week, but their days are usually briefer, and we know that some crossfit-ers still get a cortisol fatigue issue (I think Robb Wolf covers this phenomenon in that episode) from that type of training.

I am obsessed with this concept and am determined to get to the bottom of it.  The quote says it all – fitness programming can be daunting, but it can be solved.  Like Bruce Lee attempting to find the best parts of each martial art, I will attempt to find a balance of both training economy and peak fitness.  I know that there are thousands of fitness and diet programs out there, and they all have nuggets (or mountains) of greatness inside them.  How will PBB be different?  I’m not really sure yet.  Can you get fit using any of those programs?  Certainly.  My drive and my goal is to find a fitness solution, scalable to everyone, that respects and builds upon the foundation laid out by our paleolithic past.   One thing I know for sure: these concepts will center around the modern-day concept of “athleticism,” or as it was known 10,000 years ago, “survival of the fittest.”


My shoulder has been bothering me – my overall lack of scapular mobility (years of bad form + football) gets exposed every few months and either my bench press or my military stagnates, then plummets.  This happened over the last week or two, and my press weights dropped dramatically.  This time I have a plan.  The Z-Health warm-ups should loosen things nicely, and additionally I’ve added in bodyweight rows (feet up on a bench, pull yourself and touch chest to bar, no bar touch, no rep) to strengthen them.  I will also increase my focus on pushups and chin/pullups, doing them multiple times every week.

  1. Z-Health Neural Warmup
  2. Press (as Mark Rippetoe calls it – Barbell Military Press everywhere else)
    • 5 x 50#
    • 5 x 80#
    • 5 x 100#
    • 5 x 115#
    • 9 x 130#
  3. Press
    • 5 sets x 10 x 50#
  4. Chin-ups – 5, 7, 8 reps.
  5. Decline Bodyweight Rows (really cool exercise, check out the video)
    • 1 set x 10, 6


Fasted till training, then STEAK NIGHT!!!

17oz Ribeye (from Whole Paycheck) – Grass-fed, pasture raised, no antibiotics or rBGH, unfortunately “grain-finished,” but MUCH better than the crap at your ordinary grocery store.

Asparagus wrapped in provolone and… Bacon. lol.

EDIT (6.23.10): This post was updated because I didn’t like the attitude of the first few paragraphs.  Also -Tofo’s WOD/Food = TFOD.  Training + Food of the Day, or because it lines up with my name better?

Via con Dios!


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