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W.O.D – 4/30/10 (MetCon Upper)

April 30, 2010

“Muscles don’t get leaner—you do.” – Mark Rippetoe

As I have been doing for a few weeks, I set out to earn my breakfast today with a workout at my office’s “gym.”

Mission accomplished.

Here it is, with 30 – 60 sec maximum rest between each set/exercise…

  1. Jump rope x 400 (100x both feet, 100x 2x each foot separately; repeat)
  2. Jump Rope x 200 (same as above)
  3. 26 pushups x2 sets, medium pace
  4. 20/40sec x5 sets on seated bike (sprint intervals @ level 15/1)
  5. Farmer’s Walks x3 (2 x75# Dumbbells @ 15 yards each)
  6. 26 pushups x1, 13 pushups, 3, 4, 6 pushups (10 sec breaks – I was burnt at this point)

Finished it off with a giant post workout Coconut Milk + Whey Shake abot 20 min later.

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